Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales 

Enable smarter selling
Manage leads

Dynamics 365 Sales is designed to help businesses manage leads with built-in integrated AI.

Optimized emails

It helps you understand how customers interact with their emails so that you can make well-informed decisions based on insights.

Strong customer relationships

Dynamics 365 Sales uses intuitive consumer data that helps create strong customer relationships.


Build relationships with personal engagement 
Data-driven relationship selling 

Combine relationship data and processes so businesses can build trust based on thoroughly gathered data.

A clear view of the organizational structure

Provides businesses with a clear understanding of the organisation’s hierarchy, which helps identify potential stakeholders.

Personalized content

Embedded Office 365 tools that are personalized to fit the way a business operates.


Boost sales productivity 
Familiar tools 

Manage and close deals with a comprehensive and flexible opportunity management experience and tools like Outlook, Excel, and SharePoint.

Strong partner connections 

Recruit, onboard, and strengthen your partner channel through deeper enablement and activation.

Frictionless collaboration

Dynamics 365 for Sales empowers you with tools that enable you to manage complex functions and nullify distances with the help of customer data.


Enhance seller performance 
Shorter ramp-up time 

Best practices are aligned with sales by using interactive help and documentation.

Business reporting

Identify impending and existing issues, and spot new trends with interactive historical dashboards, reports, and rich visualizations.  

Seller engagement 

Enhance sales performance with team-based challenges and ensure greater transparency. 




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