22nd Jun 2020

Techvista Systems On Regional Strategies In 2018 And GSD Partnership

Khurram Majeed, general manager, Techvista Systems, shares details on its partnership with regional VAD Gulf Software Distribution and strategies for 2018.

Techvista Systems, a subsidiary of Systems Limited, headquartered out of Pakistan, began its UAE business in 2014. With operations in UAE, Qatar and Australia, the software services provider has been working with regional value-added distributor, Gulf Software Distribution (GSD) since its inception in 2016.

Khurram Majeed, general manager, Techvista Systems, says, “Before partnering with GSD, we were working with GBM for IBM technologies. However, we were still growing our footprint in these areas. We used to work excessively with IBM in Pakistan. Over the last year, we have aggressively started working with GSD and non-IBM platforms.”