8th Jun 2021

Techvista partners with Microsoft to host a webinar on Loss Prevention on Store Operations

Thursday, 27 May 2021 – Techvista Systems, in collaboration with Microsoft, co-hosted a live webinar on the Fraud Protection and Loss Prevention capabilities of Dynamics 365. The session revolved around the specific capabilities that can help retailers be more efficient, productive, and agile in the post-COVID world.

The full webinar recording can be accessed here: Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection Webinar.

Muhammad Aurangzeb, Digital Transformation Consultant and Ahsan Tufail, Senior Managing Consultant were the expert panellists from Techvista while Khurram Zaki, Product Manager for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations represented Microsoft.

Khurram Zaki started the proceedings by giving an overview of how Dynamics 365 fits into Microsoft’s portfolio of enterprise technology solutions. He explained how Microsoft Cloud presents an all-encompassing offering that helps customers leverage the best of their business as well as personal productivity. He further highlighted how Dynamics 365 sits at the centre of the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem consisting of Azure, Microsoft 365 and Power Platform to deliver the full set of intelligent, integrated and extensible applications that deliver end-to-end business process coverage. “Dynamics 365 is not just a single solution. It’s a set of modular applications that span across multiple business processes that a customer might have,” he said.

Taking the reins of the webinar, Muhammad Aurangzeb talked about the capabilities of the Fraud Protection module and how it empowers customers and partners to run business in an optimized and agile manner. He started off by explaining the boom in social and mobile eCommerce that the GCC region has experienced in the past few years, which further skyrocketed with the changing consumer behaviour brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic. He shared key stats pertaining to this shift and further highlighted that this trend is also increasingly making inroads into the B2B landscape.

Aurangzeb highlight that B2B eCommerce is expected to grow twice as fast as its B2C counterpart through 2030. This rise of digital payment ecosystems, however, is leading to an increase in cybercrime and the likelihood of increasingly sophisticated fraudulent practices which are costing billions to businesses. This alone necessitates the use of intelligent technology solutions. He then briefly explained with different examples how Dynamics 365’s Fraud Protection capabilities help retailers decrease fraud and abuse and the ensuing costs through adaptive AI that continuously learns the evolving patterns.

After an insightful segment, Ahsan Tufail was invited to give a detailed demonstration of how the platform’s Adaptive AI technology extracts and evaluates key analytics from the system to generate meaningful insights. Real-world success stories were also presented where Dynamics 365 Fraud

Protection helped different enterprises to identify fraud and loss problems faster. The webinar concluded after a Q&A session.

As payment fraud continues to rise, companies are also spending increasingly enormous amounts to combat this risk. AI-powered capabilities of enterprise solutions like Dynamics 365 go a long way in equipping modern retailers to safeguard against such malpractices and ensure the delivery of safe, risk-free and seamless customer experiences.