22nd Jun 2020

FDC To Achieve Higher Levels Of Business Agility

FDC To Achieve Higher Levels Of Business Agility With Techvista’s IBM BPM Implementation

Techvista Systems, a leading global technology services provider, implements IBM Business Process Management solution at Federal Demographic Council (FDC) as FDC aims to achieve higher levels of business agility and drive greater productivity.

Techvista entered into a strategic partnership with FDC earlier this year, which involved the automation of business-critical processes with the implementation of IBM Business Process Management and IBM Integration Bus in conjunction with IBM Operational Decision Manager, and IBM suite of components.

Government enterprises like FDC are always evaluating ways that would enable them to make more informed business decisions and be prepared to adapt to the changing business dynamics effectively, efficiently and rapidly. Techvista, with its years long expertise in implementing IBM technologies, is all set to offer FDC the ability to optimize and streamline its business processes to meet the ever expanding business needs to drive growth and achieve greater competitive advantage.

“FDC is pleased to be working with Techvista Systems to leverage their technological expertise. This alliance has opened up new avenues for us to better meet the changing business needs and adapt to them in order to drive the organizational growth. With the implementation of IBM BPM, we are also excited to be achieving our long-term organizational vision to transform our business processes to be more collaborative and connected in multiple ways”, said Mohammad Al Madhani, FDC.

Asif Peer, CEO, Techvista Systems and Systems Limited said, “Techvista is the preferred technology partner in the GCC region for many years. It has partnered with numerous government and public sector enterprises spread globally and enabled them to adopt smarter work practices as they aim to drive innovation, business productivity and growth.”

About Techvista Systems

Techvista Systems is a leading Technology service provider, delivering innovative business solutions and technology-led BPO services. With over 2,500 employees globally, our people help customers around the world maximize their IT investments and create specialized business solutions that drive business results. These business solutions leverage our deep technical skills, the accelerators, frameworks, products, best practices, and domain expertise to enable to ensure our customers achieve the business goals and create a competitive advantage.

Techvista Systems brings industry insights and business acumen focused on helping its customers achieve a high ROI, offers enterprise mission-critical software solutions, and brings a deep technology-agnostic skill set which remains unmatched in the industry. By delivering upon projects, we have developed industry-specific offerings and cross-industry offerings, plus a suite of tools and accelerators that enable our customers to realize business benefits faster with increased efficiency and lower IT costs.

The winning combination of our talented people, best-in-class technology, innovative business practices and value-added global alliances help us team up with corporate and public sector organizations to deliver value by producing a significant return on our clients’ investments.