Quality Assurance

Ensuring digital excellence; every step of the way from the get-go.

At Techvista, we take quality assurance very seriously. Our team uses advanced methodologies to help your organization create secure, maintainable, and error-free digital solutions.

In this ever-changing and competitive digital marketplace, it is extremely essential to deliver a product with rigorous quality standards. Techvista’s testing and quality management services are built around reliability, efficiency, and expertise to improve your digital assets across the entire development lifecycle.

Our Services

    Quality Engineering

  • Agile Testing

    Rapidly identify and address software issues

  • DevOps Testing

    Perform continuous testing driven by automation

  • Service Virtualization

    Independently test application components

  • Test Data Management

    Generate, store, and reuse the test data you need

    Digital Assurance

  • Big Data & Analytics Testing

    Verify Big Data ingestion, processing, storage, and performance

  • Digital Assurance & Testing

    Assess digital functionality beyond software testing

  • eCommerce Testing

    Ensure mobile app usability and performance

  • Mobile Testing

    Generate, store, and reuse the test data you need

  • Salesforce Testing

    Validate PaaS solutions built on Salesforce cloud

    Quality Assurance

  • Compatibility & Performance Testing

    Ensure efficient operation across devices and environments

  • Functional Testing

    Align functionality with design specs and user expectations

  • Regression Testing

    Mitigate side-effects caused by source code changes

  • Security Testing

    Identify vulnerabilities and safeguard application data

  • End-to-End Testing

    Automate the cross-browser testing of web applications

  • Test Automation

    Minimize manual effort required for repetitive testing tasks

Technology Stack

Team Foundation Server/Azure DevOps Server


Selenium WebDriver

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