Human Resources

Dynamics 365 HR

Rapid, high-quality hiring

Improved hiring quality

Dynamics 365 Human Resources helps managers improve the hiring process by providing services such as candidate profile visibility, AI recommendations, and interview scheduling.

Shorter time to hire

Expedite the hiring process and reach top candidates by posting vacancies on popular job websites and quickly creating a company career web page.

Enhanced onboarding

Using Dynamics 365 HR, you can personalize onboarding processes and create a memorable first day for new hires.

Drive operational excellence

HR automation

Automate daily HR tasks to create a high-performance culture.

Enhanced compliance

Dynamics 365 empowers HR department with tools that minimize the risk related to employee verification, local regulation support, and health & safety compliance.

Detailed people analytics

Enhance, examine, and visualize your people data in comprehensive and flexible dashboards with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources to improve your workforce planning.

Build a high-performance team

Performance assessments

With the assistance of Dynamics 365, you can easily evaluate performance reviews with feedback on current goals, rate role-level competencies, and create career path guides.

Employee feedback

Foster a culture where you provide employees consistent feedback on current tasks and reward them in accordance to their job performance.

Performance insights

Dynamic 365 provides managers with real-time performance dashboards that enable them to track achievements with real-time feedback and goal management.

Develop your talent

Continuous learning

Dynamic 365 HR allows to track and identify employees’ skills and deficits; you can use the gathered employee information to recommend additional trainings and certifications.

Professional growth

Empower your employees with the tools to drive their career path with comprehensive profiles that outline experience, skills, and competencies.

Role tailored experiences

Enable professional growth of employees by providing them with experiences that enhances their skills and competencies required for career advancement.

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