5th Jul 2022

Why Should Businesses Switch to D365 & What New Lies Ahead

Today’s businesses demand homogeneity and standardization of processes to enhance business efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. They also need business insights for informed decision-making. Therefore, in the digital transformation initiative, it has become indispensable for businesses to revamp their legacy IT frameworks and shift from a heterogenous to a homogenous environment.  

Now the question is which ERP system will fulfill these business objectives? The answer? Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Dynamics 365). We will emphasize, in the below 10 points, why Dynamics 365 delivers your existing requirements while considering your future business needs. 

Robust and cost-effective ERP solutions 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution is readily available for deployment, without worrying about hefty capital investment in building a data center. It also provides indirect cost savings by cutting the technical team, licensing requirements, and utility expenses to maintain proprietary data centers. Microsoft provides multiple Azure-based environments to fulfill your ERP implementation environment requirements harnessing a single subscription model.  

Multiple application provisioning is available under a single platform, hosting the following Microsoft Business Applications: 

  • Sales 
  • Marketing 
  • Service 
  • Finance  
  • Supply chain 
  • Project operations 
  • Commerce 
  • Human resources 

Modern workspace

The modern workplace is about people operating at their maximum potential by empowering them to do their best work. Without Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions, it is impossible to provide a flexible and collaborative environment to empower staff with an opportunity to work from anywhere, accessibility of necessary tools while ensuring the security and integrity of systems and data, and flexible timings that bring more performance, satisfaction, and commitment to their organization. 

Microsoft built its Business Applications ecosystem with a consistent user interface design pattern that facilitates user adaptability. Microsoft has built a robust architecture of digital business applications so that they seamlessly integrate with each other. With these technological enhancements, it reduces the administrative staff’s work, and they focus more on strategic and creative work, which promises greater customer satisfaction. 

Vertical solutions (Innovative features) 

The Microsoft ERP system comes with multiple modules out of the box with a single license. However, Microsoft keeps releasing new modules which fulfill industry-specific requirements. Additionally, there is a huge Independent Software Vendor (ISV) solution ecosystem known as App source – where one can purchase vertical solutions to meet their business requirements.  

The ISV solution goes through the same lifecycle of implementation as its core solution and follows the same processes until production and must go through a Microsoft review as well as approval process to make its solutions available to Dynamics 365 customers. The said ISVs are also required to keep their solutions updated with the latest version of Dynamics 365.  


Whether your organization is a small or large-scale enterprise,  Microsoft Dynamics 365 can scale for any size. It is a cutting-edge business solution that fulfills even the most complex needs and demands of modern businesses. These days, every business wants to expand in its own feasible way. Such as increasing or decreasing your usage depending on fluctuations in user headcount. And brooding the spectrum of solutions by expanding the business through acquisitions or opening new companies.  

Dynamics 365 is scalable worldwide, and if you want to grow your business internationally, then Dynamics 365 provides extensive localization features to meet different countries compliance requirements and with strong consolidation of data capabilities to make it ideal solutions which grow and evolve with your business goals.  


Microsoft provides a plenitude of business applications and analytics tools to deliver an affordable, value-driven, and end-to-end solution on a single platform to make it an intelligent cloud. You can run your business and make better decisions at cloud speed, and because it is all built on a common data model, it is easier to integrate, deploy, and manage in the long run.  


Mobile applications play a vital role in streamlining business processes without compromising real-time data recording in the field that provides immense value in operational efficiency and productivity within the organization. Microsoft provides a number of out of the box Mobile apps. However, companies can extend or develop new mobile applications through the Power platform, a new tool that allows companies to meet their business requirements to capture data as they go along.  

With the drag-and-drop nature of the app builder, users can build apps without the need for complex code, allowing users to customize their solution and make sure they get the most out of its functionality.  

Business Insight 

Dynamics 365 comes with plenty of innovative reporting tools and dashboards to get insights into business operations to take critical decisions on time. Microsoft also provides various tools to develop your own reports and dashboards such as Management Reporter, Electronics Reporting, and Power BI. Power BI’s dashboards are natively integrated with the Dynamics 365 applications, so you can get all the insight you need from a single application. Analyzing data across your Microsoft business applications landscape, Power BI can give cohesive, actionable feedback, and make better predictions about your business.  

AI Predictive Capabilities 

Dynamics 365 comes with an AI-infused business intelligence tool bringing access to real-time data with built-in predictive analytics. Power BI, Cortana Intelligence, and Azure Machine Learning are all natively embedded, so companies have access to predictive ideas, prescriptive guidance, and actionable steps forward. Their state-of-the-art algorithms turn historical data meaningfully to provide potential opportunities to use this data to predict future market trends and dynamic customer demands.  

Integration Capabilities 

Dynamics 365 can be integrated with a variety of Microsoft products, including the Office 365 (O365) suite. Other than Microsoft products, Dynamics 365 out of the box integration feature allows companies to work with multiple applications and services to improve productivity and performance. Apart from that, it enables organizations to consolidate all platform data into a single location and comprehensively analyze them to revise or devise the strategy as needed.  


 The Dynamics 365 stack comprises of three levels of security to assure your data is completely safe and secure from any kind of threat.  

  • Authentication: This is the first level of security that grants access to a specific user to Dynamics 365 
  • Authorization: Once the user gets access to the application, this security layer decides what kind of data, form, field, reports, or menu the user can access.   
  • Audit Trial: Once the user has access to a particular area, then Dynamics 365 records the activity of the users.  

 Due to the sophisticated security as well as competency-centric frameworks, Microsoft remains at the forefront of ensuring safe and highly productive business environments. 

Time to Switch 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the fastest-growing enterprise solutions in the business landscape due to its state-of-the-art features that guarantee greater efficiency, productivity, and growth levels. It is high time for businesses to transition to Dynamics 365 if they have not yet and witness their business record exceptional growth.  

Written by: 

Mudasar Ansari