17th Jun 2022

The Strategic Impact of Dynamics 365 Finance on Businesses

It is indeed every organization’s volition to excel in the market by implementing strategies that maximize their market value. There comes a need to devise strategies rendering lucrative outcomes. In such circumstances, a large amount of data proves to be a true strategic asset. The said data is then leveraged for strategic financial management to discover the best avenues promising greater market growth.

Unfortunately, most businesses do not yet have centralized streams to utilize raw data to draw pertinent financial insights. But the traditional financial practices are evolving with the focus of decision-makers diverting towards modern technology to foster financially sound organizations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is an advanced digital enterprise solution that helps businesses achieve greater financial visibility and maximize profitability.

Dynamics 365 Finance – Simply Defined

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is a cloud-based ERP system that caters to the financial management needs of medium to large enterprises. It is a platform employed to enable businesses to personalize their ERP with business applications built on Azure and integrated with MS Office 365.

The Vitality of D365 Finance in Strategic Financial Management

This state-of-the-art ERP solution from Microsoft is a one-stop solution for organizations to resolve the most intricate financial complications and accelerate their business growth. It improves cash flow management and resolves outstanding credit sales while ensuring corporate compliance. As far as strategic financial management is concerned, D365 makes the following contributions in that area:

AI-Powered Strategic Financial Decision Making

Assessing and improving the financial health of your organization while ensuring greater financial control becomes easier with D365 Finance through the optimization of cash flows. This ultimately helps in strategic decision-making that guarantees business growth by using; real-time predictive insights, embedded analytics, as well as unified global financial reporting standards.

Consolidation and Automation of Financial Processes

Cultivate smarter financial operational practices by deploying D365 Finance and its embedded Power BI interactive data visualization feature. The inclusion of Power BI helps you make faster and well-thought out decisions by drawing real-time data insights.

It also enables you to review the key business metrics displaying the high and underperforming areas. Subsequently, it will be easier for you to not just keep a check on the overall financial performance, but also optimize the high-performing areas as well as make prudent decisions on the low-performing ones.

Operational Expenses Management

There are features offered in D365 Finance pertaining to process automation, budget control, along with financial planning and analysis that assist the organizations in cost mitigation as well as efficiently managing spending across multiple business units spanning across multiple territories.

Risk Management

Risk management and analysis is one of the most important trenches of financial strategy. Microsoft D365 Finance enables you to critically analyze the risks associated with a particular decision while staying aligned with the dynamic market current. This way, your business can be proactive and stay ahead of your competitors due to the robust, adaptable, as well as thoroughly guided risk management tools of D365 Finance.

D365 Finance is tailored to drive businesses to gain a competitive edge by helping them achieve financial agility, visibility, and profitability with the help of its highly innovative financial management tools. If you’re wondering why D365 is the most preferred solution over its counterparts for strategic financial decision-making, we have answers to that too.

What Sets D365 Finance Apart From its Counterparts?

Dynamics 365 Finance is one of the fastest-growing ERP solutions in the digital business solutions space. How is that so? There are several reasons that prove its high adaptability rate, let us find them out!

A 360-Degree Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance possesses a series of multi features such as multi-language, multicurrency, and multi-organizational financial solutions that help your businesses address local and global needs. D365 Finance also enhances the governance frameworks and alleviates financial risks. Not only this, this ERP solution can ensure compliance across 42 global territories and in 42 languages.

Centralized Data Source

Deep data and process integration across MS Office 365, D365, and other third-party applications, is one of the primary benefits of D365 Finance. It implies a unified stream of data. Hence, it helps automate redundant tasks and directs your resources toward high-priority projects.

Power BI Dashboards

The integration between Power BI and D365 Finance allows the ERP solution to deliver actionable insights through a single dashboard that shares a holistic overview of all the financial activities of your business by organizing and visualizing large data sets.

Coherent Budgeting and Forecasting

Truly, budgeting is not an easy job to do. But D365 Finance makes it easy while enabling your employees to prepare convincing budget proposals through intelligent budget proposals feature. They are called intelligent because this feature aids the budgeting teams to incorporate as well as analyze years of historical data to devise an accurate budget proposal. Of course, all of this is done in less time and even less effort.

Accurate Fixed Asset Reporting for External Stakeholders

Formatting plays a significant role in comprehensive financial reporting. D365 Finance promises enhanced accuracy of financial data with adequate formatting for a better understanding of external stakeholders of your organization. With these and so many other features, D365 leads its league of high performing ERPs due to its precision along with state-of-the-art and user-centric interface.

Its High-Time to Accelerate Business Growth

Digitalization has prompted the business world to take advantage of innovative digital enterprise solutions to boost their business productivity. It’s time for your business to benefit from the disruptive features of D365 Finance to gain market leadership. We, at Techvista – Microsoft’s Gold Partner, are dedicated to equipping businesses with the latest, and highly innovative Microsoft digital business technologies. Connect with us to find out how we can help boost the productivity of financial competencies or visit Microsoft Alliance to discover more in this regard.