28th Nov 2022

Personalized journey – A Touchpoint to Customer Loyalty

No matter what industry you belong to, customer loyalty is incredibly important to every sector. We see a growing interest in improving customer service in every private sector and we find the same in the public sector. You must be thinking why does the public sector need to focus on customer loyalty? In this blog, we will highlight the customer touchpoints that are equally important for the public sector as for the private sector, and how to utilize those touchpoints to ensure customer loyalty.

Citizens are accustomed to the exceptional customer experience from companies hailing from the private sector and now that the public institutions are transforming, the same is expected from them. Many organizations look for touchpoints to provide seamless customer service by providing all the information they require, and to ensure constant interaction with the customers across all channels. This brings the need for a digital solution with a range of capabilities to reach, engage and retain customers, ultimately increasing customer loyalty. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is the only solution. Let’s understand what exactly is with the help of five touchpoints that an organization can get started with:

Meeting customer’s digital expectations

By 2025, the digital economy of the MENA region is expected to grow to $20.8 trillion. As citizens spend more time online, the demand for digital is making a shift from traditional phone support to digital support channels. This change in the public sector makes it more urgent than ever to expand your omnichannel capabilities and transform it into an all-in-one digital contact center that includes live chat, digital messaging, and voice channels.

With features of Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you can receive and make calls with the Power Virtual Agent set up and can get real-time transcription, live sentiment analysis, real-time translation, and AI-driven recommendations making your customer service team better equipped in resolving customer issues effectively.

Fast resolution with one system

It is often difficult for employees to keep track of all the customer’s data when the systems are not interconnected and this may lead to miscommunication and inefficiency for the team where they constantly work on managing cases, complaints, SLA, etc. With respect to these challenges, MS Dynamics 365 Customer Service application provides a single system to manage and track all the related information. As a result, the customer service team can access the relevant information with just a single click, while increasing responsiveness, positivity and resolution to customers’ concerns. In a nutshell, it simplifies the overall customer management process.

Understanding customers need

In any other sector, the more insight you have for your customer, the more your teams are able to provide a positive customer experience. There is no doubt that the market trend is altering the customers’ demand and businesses are aware of these changes and are constantly striving to adapt to them. But without the right system understanding the customers’ needs would be difficult as well as time-consuming. MS Dynamics 365 Customer Service has built-in AI capabilities that gather data from customers interaction and provide real-time suggestions based on similar cases to support you with a fast resolution. This data can also be used as part of their efforts to map the customer’s journey.

Round The Clock Support

D365 customer service offers a cloud-based solution, which allows your team to access the application from any device, at any time, and from any location. This allows your team to deliver consistently great customer service at any time whenever required. It also offers more robust data security protections than their on-premises counterparts

Maintaining long-term relationship

A loyal customer is irreplaceable. For your customers to maintain a long-term relationship with the company, it happens through a series of interactions with the use of Dynamics 365 Customer Service tools.

The MS Dynamics 365 Customer Service Application empowers your employees with effective end-to-end case management. It enables you to work within a single application and saves time switching between various systems by providing features like real-time transcripts, intelligent case routing, and Microsoft Teams integration. Additionally, the insights from the application can be used for strategic decision-making. With all these features and the implementation of the 3 P’s; Professional, Patience, and a people-first attitude your team can better understand and deliver a service that is above and beyond the customer’s expectations.

Driving growth with a loyal customer base

With the changing customer expectations over the past decade, organizations are focusing on the importance of delivering personalized customer experience with Dynamics 365 Customer Service, to stand out among others. It helps create customer-centric experiences which is crucial for the public sector to unite around customers with a 360-degree shared view of their touchpoints and create customers for life!

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