29th Aug 2022

Future of Digital Marketing: What to Expect

The digital marketing landscape is continuously changing, making it exciting and challenging for marketers and businesses to stay at the forefront of today’s customers’ thoughts.

However, marketers must address customers’ expectations who desire personalized experiences yet will not accept any brand’s sales pitch. Many individuals associate the term “marketing” with negative values.

Due to challenges and continuous improvements, marketers must embrace new methods and approaches to reach their target audience as effectively as possible. Also, they need to bridge the trust gap produced by years of deception.

However, as we all know, the world is moving towards innovation. Below are some things you can expect to see as the future of digital marketing. 

Trends of Digital Marketing that you Should Expect

Trend#1: Adaptation of Video Content

Video content will continue to dominate marketing techniques as the preferred means of consuming material on the internet. Statistics suggest that marketers that utilize video grow their business 49% quicker than those who don’t, according to a digital marketing agency (Hexagroup) in Houston, TX. 

Marketers will be able to leverage video in more ways than ever before as it gets more sophisticated and interactive. Even more significantly, marketers can bridge the trust gap using video. Brands may utilize video to win customers by demonstrating openness, honesty, and a readiness to answer queries.

Trend#2: Growth of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing grew significantly in 2020 and 2021. Experts predict that it will expand even further in 2022. 

Hubspot polled global marketing professionals and found that 34% planned to invest heavily in influencer marketing in 2022, making it their top priority. It includes investing more in it than in mobile web design or using short-form video marketing.

Almost 57 percent of marketing professionals use this form of marketing in an efficient method. However, 46 percent want to increase their expenditure, with 11 percent claiming that influencer marketing is their top ROI generator.

Trend#3: Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing is the next top digital marketing trend until 2025. The days of unresearched and untargeted broadcasting to bring customers to your business are long gone. 

Because almost every sector is consumer-centric, consumer data is central to every marketing plan. In-depth consumer data research gives company owners essential insights into customer expectations and purchasing experiences.

It enables companies to split their customers into multiple buyer personas, allowing them to create marketing material that is more focused and suited for their customers’ demands.

Marketers will rely entirely on actionable customer intelligence to design highly targeted marketing efforts by 2025. Marketers will create these ads by combining a wide range of personal, geographical, and environmental data. 

Such actions will assist your brand in reaching the appropriate clients at the proper time and with the relevant message.

Trend#4: Expanding Reach and Gen Z

As more Gen Z consumers mature, firms and entrepreneurs must refocus their digital marketing efforts. Companies may not need to make significant adjustments, but approaches geared toward Gen X will eventually age.

Because Gen Z expects a memorable experience, digital marketing efforts must be more specific and successful. Professional digital marketers predict that Gen Z and millennials will become the target audience for most firms, necessitating a highly responsive and tailored strategy.

Trend#5: Voice Powered Strategies

Although smart speakers have been around for a while, their popularity has skyrocketed in recent years because of the widespread acceptance of speaking aloud to mobile devices and the introduction of innovative consumer products such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

This hands-free technology will become the norm as the smartphone trend continues to rise. According to estimates, people make about 50% of searches using voice search.

The rise of smart gadgets that can conduct voice searches opens up new doors for advertisers. Already anticipating this need, Amazon began providing discounted Kindle tablets to customers who agreed to receive marketing emails. 

There are plans to roll out targeted advertisements for Alexa, and soon, adverts will appear on other devices.

Trend#6: Takeoff of Augmented and Virtual Reality

The use of both AR and VR has increased in popularity in recent years. However, because of the high development expenses of VR and AR, businesses have been sluggish in adopting these technologies. 

However, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will play a far more significant role in marketing efforts as the technology becomes more accessible and inexpensive. 

Indeed, several sectors, such as retail, tourism, healthcare, real estate, and more, are already using VR and AR. Stores use VR and AR to let customers check out things in their homes before making a purchase.

Trend#7: Online Event Investments

As 2022 progresses, marketers will need to shift their attention to online events wherever feasible. Consumers and other interested parties now demand more data than before making financial commitments, and educational tools like these are helping them get it. 

Seminars and online lectures are instruments to think about. Brands need to increase their presence at these events, opening up new communication channels with consumers. These functions can serve as an excellent venue for outright advertising and provide the information they may utilize to refine future campaigns. 

Data like this helps create client profiles, which in turn helps firms market more effectively. If cookies are lost, you can use this kind of online event to compensate for that loss with new and better data. At the same time, it will let companies connect more deeply with their target markets.

The preparation and implementation of such occasions are time-consuming and complex. Not all of them cause a precipitous drop in earnings. However, they pave the way for new interaction and brand development forms, essential for success in the following years.

Trend#8: AI, SEO, and Data Analytics

Internet marketing now incorporates AI, SEO, and Data Analytics. Organizations will increasingly rely on data analytics to influence their choices and automate their digital operations to keep up with the competition. 

More than 85% of digital advertising, according to one research, will be automatically executed soon. But the “how” you use a data analytics platform to gather and present insights will also shift. 

With automated programmatic advertising in place, more companies would prioritize innovative technology to classify consumers and set ad space via thorough data analysis.

Trend#9: Demand for High-Quality Content

In 2022, marketers will need to adapt in several ways, one of which is to provide content of a better standard. Now more than ever, customers are picky about the material they consume. Their demands for top-notch materials are only going to increase in 2022.

Brands and businesses need to put more effort into providing engaging, informative, and valuable digital material across all platforms. Recall that customers have a limited attention span, and they are less likely to take in and remember anything that does not immediately resonate with them in a good way.

As a result, companies have increased demand to invest more resources into content creation. Brands will also need to put in more effort to research and understand their target audience’s interests and requirements before developing content that is likely to succeed.

You should write your content with your target audience in mind. That might imply producing a wider variety of material to appeal to more individuals rather than focusing on a single overarching goal.

Trend#10: Local Searches

Clients relied heavily on local search to find open establishments and offered delivery services throughout the epidemic. However, brands and businesses should expect local searches to remain useful for a long time, despite the normalization of the world.

It’s imperative, then, that local users see your brand prominently displayed, either in the form of rich snippets or on the very first page of search engine results.

Trend#11: Brand Images

One method to adapt your marketing plan for the coming year is to emphasize strengthening your brand image. That might involve investing more resources into building a more genuine brand. How consumers perceive a product is crucial. The language you choose is vital to building a positive brand reputation. Getting your point is still crucial, but maybe you might find a better way to say it.

The ability to convey information quickly is crucial. Marketers in the digital space need to be resourceful enough to devise a plan that yields more targeted and specific outcomes.

Taking Google Ads’ effectiveness into account is a good starting point. They are still an integral feature of modern marketing strategies. Ads on Google, meanwhile, are getting more and more expensive. Online advertising costs more because of growing competition. It’s crucial to pick very specialized branding and language.

With prices constantly going up, how do you manage to grow your brand? You may put out more money. One strategy for 2022 is to put energy into developing your brand more naturally. You may spend less on advertisements if you can increase brand recognition through unpaid methods.

There are several approaches to take. What’s important is to think about whom you’re talking to and what they want to hear. In certain circumstances, connecting with clients regularly via a podcast might prove fruitful.

One alternative is to provide information on the web that is of such high quality that people widely share it because of its usefulness.

Understanding that it will take time to create content and grow an audience is crucial when attempting to raise awareness on this scale. However, once that occurs, it is possible to see a substantial return immediately.


Digital marketing is the talk of the world, as it is one of the booming businesses. Brands and businesses need to manage their strategies according to digital marketing trends

As keeping up-to-date is one of the main things to get an influential audience and customers, you don’t want to miss out on the chance of getting ahead of the game. 

Today’s customers are looking for something that will answer their questions without the need for any effort. The customers demand transparency and a personalized experience.  We tried to discuss all the trends you will see in Digital Marketing. 

Here we conclude our article. If you keep up with these trends, your business will likely outperform others and give you the desired success. So, we can say that to be successful in Digital Marketing, marketers need to constantly revise their strategies according to the trends!



Syed Sarmad Ali

Specialist Digital Marketing – Techvista Systems