10th Jun 2020

ClickDimensions Implementation

Techvista Systems have implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM based event management solution using ClickDimensions at one of the Prestigious Federal Entities in Dubai. They host many events in a calendar year and one of their major event every year is hosting the biggest summit in the world. The customer needed a solution that can provide them complete statistics for all the external emails that are sent to the participants/guests of the event which include many high-profile people from across the globe. Techvista Systems partnered with ClickDimensions to provide the solution. Techvista Systems used the email marketing module of the ClickDimensions to track the email activities. This included the following:

  • Tracking the Email Deliverability
  • Tracking the ‘Opens’ count for each email
  • Tracking the ‘Clicks’ count for each email
  • Creating advanced HTML templates with personalization etc.

The solution provided the right data that the customer needed for all the external emails of their event and was implemented successfully for the next year as well.