13th Jul 2020

A Remarkable Journey of Resilience

From a Junior Software Engineer to an LBS EMBA – A Remarkable Journey

About myself

I started my career as a Junior Software Engineer in 2000 after graduating from FAST-NUCES Karachi. I was privileged enough to get the opportunity to work with some of the leading software developers in the industry who helped me grow technically and develop my expertise in the domain of software architecture, design and development.

During this period, I also got the opportunity to complete my master’s in computer science.

In 2007, I was being referred by one of my dear friends for a technical lead position in Systems Limited but unfortunately, I was not able to make it through the interview/evaluation process. I was fortunate enough to get another chance at Systems Limited and was able to join them in 2007 as Senior Technical Lead for an enterprise-scale project – that was one of the critical phases of my career.

I worked in the capacity of Technical Lead/Architect for more than 7 years with Systems Limited but was always looking for something different in my career. This aspiration helped me create an opportunity to build a new revenue stream for Systems Limited. Within 2 years, we were able to create a remarkable revenue stream from a new geography. Initially, this new branch was being managed from Pakistan but as it started growing, the executive management of Systems Limited decided to invest, grow and develop a separate division for this new venture. This is when I was asked to take the role of General Manager of this new venture called TechVista Systems.

How It All Started

This venture was very challenging as I was always a technical person and this role required extensive operations, resource, finance, business and delivery management skills. I started realizing that just technical knowledge will not be sufficient and if I have to fulfil the expectations of this position, I will need to improve in these areas:

  • General Business Management
  • Operations
  • Finance and P&L management
  • Relationship management (Business, Banking and General Networking)
  • Industry knowledge
  • Behavioural knowledge
  • Consulting knowledge
  • Habit to read and learn

These reasons led me to London Business School and my journey with of EMBA with LBS was started

London Business School  – EMBA Journey

London Business School was just a remarkable experience for me; it has changed me and my personality altogether. It helped me change the way I used to look at life and career as a whole.


  • September 2018 – Start of EMBA Journey
  • 22 Courses (London and Dubai)
  • 38+ Individual and Group Assignments
  • 12 Exams
  • 55+ Case Study Analysis and Reviews
  • 15+ Sessions with Industry Leaders and Guest Speakers
  • Numerous Networking Events
  • 5 Career Coaching Sessions
  • Global Business Assignment in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • July 2020 – Capstone & Graduation ceremony


  • The magnitude and scale of this program were huge.
  • Interactions with people from over 30 different countries.
  • Case Studies of large enterprises
  • Knowledge-sharing sessions with industry leaders.
  • Networking, travels and sundowners with friends.
  • Exposure to millions of documents, articles and books.
  • Highly recognized and experienced professors from LBS, Harvard, Instead and MIT
  • Access to LBS Alumni.
  • Global Business Assignment in Buenos Aires.
  • Campus life in Downtown London.
  • And many more.

What I Learned From This Journey

This has been a life-changing journey for me. The principles that I’ve learned from it have truly changed the way I used to think and act. A few of the things which I have learned and inspired are worth mentioning

  • Read, explore and learn.
  • Minds are alive, you need to use them.
  • Be true to yourself.
  • Learn to lead – Leaders are not born, they are made.
  • Grow gracefully and let others grow.
  • Challenge yourself and others – get the best out of yourself.
  • Always support your arguments with facts.
  • Never underestimate the power of networking.
  • Develop your support network within and outside your organization.
  • Develop new behaviours, always keep on changing.
  • Be agile and not fragile.
  • Kindness and empathy are the most valuable currency.
  • Keep evaluating and improving.
  • Diversity and acceptability are crucial.
  • “Cash is King” in business.

In the end, I would like to advise that keep learning, trying, and innovating because ‘Best is Yet to Come‘.