29th Jun 2022

6 Ways to Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences

Higher customer satisfaction metrics are observed as a result of efforts concentrated on personalization. The customers today are more demanding than their counterparts were a decade ago, they want the brands to grasp firmly their needs and wants, and then meet them instantly. 

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and now ask yourself: Would you prefer to spend time on a website where you get personalized recommendations and offers? Or how about a content that you can relate with or it relates with the recent purchase you have made? It prompts your response instantly, doesn’t it? 

That’s how significant personalized online experiences can be for your business. 

Personalization Opens Profitable Venue for Business

Not every purchase made by a customer is a rational one. Some purchases are driven by emotions, and emotions are quite personal to us. To get a grip on the concept, think of Amazon. What do you think makes brands like eCommerce platforms like Amazon successful? Personalized experiences of course. But how?  

Amazon uses its product recommendation engine that intrigues users to divert their focus from the main product they were looking for, to other products which might not be needed. The users end up diving deep into the product lines and finding the product that meets their eye. What makes the product recommendation engine on point is the additional five years of data running through Amazon’s algorithms.  

The Ideal Solution to Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences 

For your business to deliver personalized customer experiences and to make the most out of this strategy, you need a tool tailored to enable the business to create customer-centric experiences. To succeed in such a feat, you can go for the following six different ways: 

1. Predictive Scoring Method 

The primary focus of marketing competencies is staying on the lookout for new leads followed by qualifying them, and then sending them ahead to the sales competencies. But today, it has become difficult to do so.  

The buyers surf the internet anonymously while using the channels we can’t control, at least not all of them. The questions arise, such as: How do we identify prospects? What are their demographics? What are they looking for on our website?” 

To resolve these queries, the AI-driven Predictive Scoring Method in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights helps businesses to forecast or predict a wide array of business results such as: 

  • Pre-qualified leads  
  • Number of leads that need to be nourished 
  • Number of opportunities expected to generate higher yield in a particular time period. 

The Predictive Scoring Method assists businesses in forecasting results with more accuracy while incorporating all the possible limitations and constraints. It also gives you detailed information of the leads generated to effectively guide them towards conversion. There is an additional feature of wielding the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) to make informed and customer-centric decisions.  

2. Predictive Matching Feature 

The definition of a customer in a CRM and a marketing system can be different. When different systems treat a particular entry differently, the results would be ambiguous, hence the data extracted will not only be dispersed and difficult to manage, but it will also not be utilized effectively as it would not be centered on the intended objective.  

By employing advanced Customer Insights tools such as Predictive Matching, you can consolidate your data by matching data from unique fields into a unified profile. This way, your sales and marketing strategies will also be aligned since a unified data set will be employed which will eventually help in curating customer-centric offerings as well as better customer experiences.   

3. Meticulous Insights of Customers 

As discussed in the Predictive Scoring Method, it would be futile to act on leads without pulling up their demographics, their transaction history with your business, as well as their preferences. Without the availability of such information, the achievement of the end-goal I.e., lead nurturing and conversion, will be compromised, as the strategy built to convert that lead into a customer will not be devised adequately due to lack of information. 

With meticulous insights of customers through Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, you can enable your marketing and sales competencies to dig deeper into your customer’s data sets by discovering their history, interests, preferences, interaction, as well as any sort of activity with your business. How? Through AI-driven intuition that jots down every nitty-gritty of your customer data in a comprehensive manner. With congruous customer data management, the marketing and salespeople of your organization will find it easy to engage with the customers and establish stronger relationships through an omnichannel experience. 

4.  Utilization of Highly Credible Intelligence  

According to you, would it be pertinent to float your offerings in the market without assessing the real-time trends? Of course not! Because you would not be aware of your competitors’ products, competitive pricing, customer segments and preferences, and the timing, which plays a significant role in deciding the fate of your offerings in the market amid launch.  

With the deployment of Azure ML, a cloud-based service to create and manage machine learning solutions, features along with the AI recommendations, businesses can tackle such afore-mentioned issues by: 

  • Exploring new and unique customer segments 
  • Planning future roadmaps 
  • Forecasting customer preferences 
  • Anticipating market current 

What do these insights do? They can help you connect with your customers in a better manner. It is quite evident that when your competencies are aware of your customer data as well as the market trends, you can carve out strategies that will develop more customer-centric offerings and deliver personalized customer experiences with the help of these channels: 

  • Email campaigns 
  • Direct marketing campaigns 
  • Advertisement 
  • Digital marketing 

5. Data Consolidation and Customer Segregation  

Traditional, observational, and behavioral customer data sets are different from one another but they need to be unified in a comprehensive manner for customer-focused decision making. With scattered data, the marketing and sales teams will be wasting time on lost information with no impactful yields. In the midst of this, your business might end up losing the chance to capitalize on highly profitable opportunities by bringing in new as well as retaining existing customers through better, and personalized experiences.  

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights brings all the data together for your convenience. It also merges the scattered data through advanced built-in tools and connectors. Subsequently, as your prospects gradually transition to becoming a customer, it’s time to segment them at multiple buying stages. This ultimately aids your sales personnel to nurture the customers and transform them into long-term ones.  

6. Adaptability 

In order to remain proactive, it is indispensable for the competencies to transform intelligent customer insights into powerful services, and they ought to be embedded in Azure. These insights can also be utilized in other business applications like Power BI, Power Apps, and the entire Dynamics 365 suite. This will enable informed decision-making along with the betterment of customer experiences.  

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a Microsoft Customer Data Platform (CDP) mediating information from multiple sources, which allows businesses to map, veneer, merge, as well as enrich customer data. Businesses can utilize this AI-based tool to get a 360-degree view of the customers by leveraging insights from Machine Learning (ML) that enable you to tailor personalized customer experiences. 

Wrapping Up! 

Businesses need to focus on continuously reinventing themselves to curate and execute better customer-centric strategies to drive higher revenue. It can be done by instilling creativity and personalization into the ongoing and upcoming campaigns, and that is made possible by using accurate and comprehensive customer data through Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, and Techvista – Microsoft’s Gold Partner can help you deploy that.  

Techvista’s team of decorated experts has assisted global industry leaders in a successful deployment of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and promises to enable your business with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights as well to deliver more personalized customer experiences as well as record higher revenue. Connect with us or visit Microsoft Alliance to discover more in this regard.